Telluride, Tandemstock and the beauty of collaboration


Photographer Dane Cronin on the other side of the camera for once surrounded by Tandem paparazzi on a awesome group photo shoot with photographers at the Telluride Photo Festival.

“The general lone-wolf mentality of the photography industry was nowhere to be seen.”

Fresh off a very fun shoot for Mystery Ranch in Montana I recently road-tripped to Telluride, CO for the Telluride Photo Festival and to celebrate‘s release of a new coffee table book called The Art of Adventure. I had the honor of documenting my journey (#TellurideAlong) via three different Instagram accounts: Sunset Magazine (@sunsetmag), (@tandemstock) and my own (@donofhern). All around the entire week was deluxe. I explored new places, took some fun images, and listened to an outstanding book on tape…twice (“A Spy Among Friends” by Ben Macintyre). The best part of the trip though wasn’t the amazing scenery or superb audio literature it was the camaraderie of the festival itself. My photo agency,, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with almost since their beginning four years ago, was a major sponsor of the festival. It was incredible to meet up with other Tandem photographers, collaborate with them, and learn from them.  Photographers like Ian ShiveDan Holz, Stephen Matera, Jim Meyers, Andrew Peacock, Ethan WeltyLouis Aravelo, Dane Cronin, Justin BailieMatthew KuhnsBennett Barthelemy and Axel Brunst.

The general lone-wolf mentality of the photography industry was nowhere to be seen. It was just good people with a love for the outdoors who are driven to create — people who can laugh their way through producing incredible work because the results speak for themselves. It was genuine, fun, relaxed and highly-motivating.  In a short few days at Telluride I learned new editing tricks, found out about cool gear additions, made up numerous nonsensical German phrases (much to Axel Brunst’s chagrin), and met a slew of awesome editors, consultants and photographers over beers and good food. The photo world needs more events like it. Huge thanks to festival director Eric Moore, Tandem CEO Ian Shive, Tandem’s Executive Director of Sales and Development JP Harrison, Erika Nortemann with the Nature Conservancy, Sabina Allemann, Ralph and Debbie Budwig, Joe Meiners, Sean Chuma, Yvonne Stender from Sunset Mag and Aaron Huey for his inspirational talk.  Looking forward to next year!

Here’s a few images from my week:


Day 1 – Rainy runoff near New Meadows, Idaho.


Day 2 – Sunrise at Balanced Rock State Park, Twin Falls, Idaho.


Day 2 – Pigeons over Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho.


Day 3 – Joe Meiners climbing in Maple Canyon, Utah.


Day 5 – Axel Brunst bouldering at Telluride, CO. Bridal Veil Falls is in the background.


Day 5 – Sabina Allemann modeling for another Tandem group trail running shoot during my “Shoot With A Pro” workshop in Telluride, CO.


Day 6 – Dane Cronin getting some air on another awesome Tandem group shoot near Telluride, CO.


Day 8 – BASE jumper leaping from Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID on my way back from CO.