New website at last!

After a lot of positive feedback about my old website…(“You take good photos but your site looks like diarrhea ” or “You’re site doesn’t work on my iPad and iPhone. No worries though, it’s not like 90% of media people use portable devices nowadays.” or “That’s cool that you made that site yourself. Did you tie your shoes by yourself too? Step it up, champ.” or “You know, I think there’s probably a non-profit or something for people stuck in abusive relationships with html. You don’t have to keep going through this, man.”) …it was time for a change.

Granted it was about as impressive as the unreleased Planet Earth audio book series.

So… *speaking in raspy, everything-sounds-noteworthy, British voice* introducing Ben Herndon 2.0 complete with iDevice view-ability  big images and the awesome user-friendly DesignX interface, powered by the great people at If you dig it click the ‘like’ thumb in the bottom right to help spread the word! Thanks for all your support and feedback. It makes me happy.

To view the new site click here!