How to be a Pro Photagrapher


Backpacker Magazine,, and I teamed up to do a post on what it takes to make it as an outdoor photographer. The irony of this post being on April 1st is not lost on me.  If you don’t like it then consider it an April Fools joke.

Check it out here!

Some highlights:

Rule #7: Be prolific. Shoot often. Sadly the days of snapping a few masterpieces and coasting into a Mai Tai-filled early retirement are long gone. Well, they actually never existed.

Rule #13: Use your loved ones. There’s nothing like a hefty interest-free loan to bring a couple together.

Rule #11: Don’t expect to earn a lot of money. As neat as it is to get published, you won’t be throwing dance parties on your yacht with Benny Benassi from the income derived from irregular print placement and occasional stock sales, especially in the outdoor imagery.