A new identity


I’m a little giddy about this one. A few months ago, after years of rocking the cute, over-sized candy cane camera logo, I approached local north Idaho designer James Engerbretson. My motives were less about branding and public perception and more about wanting to be a part of the great work James has been churning out. Plus good art is just wonderful and I really enjoy collaborating with talented, hardworking people. James stresses simple, clean communicative designs and we met a few times to discuss and tweak the design. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the result.  I hope the peaks and hills resonate with people. The design encapsulates much of what I love about working and playing outdoors and includes the bonus of having my embedded initials. It’s tough to make a non-cliched mountain-themed logo and I think James hit it out of the park. You can check out more of Engerbretson’s work at www.james-e.com.